7 Signs Your AC Unit Is Low On Refrigerant

If you discover that your cooling system is not functioning, it could be due to low refrigerant in the air conditioner. Problems with refrigerant charges are a common issue we may experience, which could require AC replacement in Northridge. There is no way to verify the refrigerant charge in your air conditioning system without a certified professional, but there are indications that you should inspect your system. 

The chemical that circulates through your system to absorb and eliminate heat from the cooling chamber is refrigerant. Through the condenser and compressor, the refrigerant is transformed from liquid to gas and back again. There is a manufacturer-recommended charge for refrigerant levels due to the compression and condensation processes. If your system does not meet this, it will be more challenging to complete the cycle efficiently.

Seven Indicators That Your Air Conditioning Equipment Is Low On Refrigerant:

  • Your Electric Bill Is Above Average: Comparing your monthly and annual utility bills can help you spot problems with your AC system. If your electrical costs are higher than usual, you should have your air conditioner serviced. You may require the assistance of AC Repair in Northridge.

  • Frost Forms On Refrigerant Lines: When refrigerant levels fall, the pressure of the refrigerant inside the evaporator coil falls, causing the temperature to fall as well. If you observe ice accumulation on copper tubing or the evaporator coil, the air conditioner lacks sufficient refrigerant, and you may have a refrigerant coil leak.

  • There Is A Water Leak Around The Heater: When the ice accumulated on the refrigerant pipes melts, it can create a pool surrounding the furnace and, on occasion, even leak inside. The space surrounding your furnace should never be surrounded by water. It indicates that additional refrigerant is required.

  • No Chilly Wind: When your system is at its lowest on refrigerant, the cooling chamber traps more heat, making it more challenging to chill the air entering your home. Due to the system’s inability to modify and retain the air for longer, it expels air at a less-than-ideal temperature.

  • The Thermostat Temperature Setting Is Never Reached: Unless your thermostat is malfunctioning, it shouldn’t take too long for the temperature to reach the correct level. Call AC repair and Air Conditioning Service in Northridge immediately to have refrigerant added to your air conditioning unit.

  • There’s A Hissing Or Bubbling Sound: You might identify a refrigerant leak if hissing or bubbling sounds are heard. Avoid attempting to solve the problem yourself, as refrigerant is a hazardous chemical that should only be handled by a trained professional.

  • Near The Furnace, There Is Water On The Floor: When the ice melts, puddles of water will form around the unit. It is important to have a comprehensive examination and repair.


If you find these signs in your AC, contact Tri-Cities immediately to schedule a service appointment. We provide the best AC installation in Northridge, along with all kinds of repair and maintenance for HVAC systems.