7 Things That Can Damage Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are expensive equipment necessary to cool homes, shops, and offices during the summer. It is impossible to imagine life without these machines and AC installation in Northridge

Read on to see why these machines malfunction and how to increase their lifespan by taking care of small things.

Signs Of Damage

Over time, there are changes in the cooling of rooms; and people realise that there could be something wrong with the AC. It could be time to call in for AC replacement in Ventura if:

  • The rooms are not cold as before.
  • It takes longer to cool the room.
  • Humidity doesn’t reduce.
  • The AC is noisier.
  • The electricity bills are higher than before.
  • There are sounds of water leakage.
  • Buttons malfunction on the remote or the indoor units.

Reasons Of Damage

Damaged ACs result in making it work harder to maintain temperatures. This increases energy consumption and complete system failure in severe cases.

  • Negligence : Most people forget about the maintenance and care of an air conditioner post-installation. Negligence results in poorer performance of the machines. Keep them serviced or go in for AC replacement in Northridge. Regularly clean, service, and maintain your air conditioners.

  • Dirt & Dust : Dust and dirt collect and clog the indoor and outdoor units’ ducts, pipes, and vents. Often, foliage grows around outdoor units blocking the ducts. Layers of grime also damage the condenser coils that release the hot air outside the buildings. Ask for AC installation in Northridge. Remove these obstacles and particles so that the equipment is safe.

  • Leakages: Ducts transmit the cool air evenly to an individual room or all the rooms where the units function. Cracks and leakages result in the wastage of cool air within the walls. Rats gnaw into the ducts leading to damages that may need replacements; try Air Conditioning Service in Northridge.

  • Blocked Drains: Drains often get clogged due to the dirt around and falling foliage. Drains of an AC transfer the excessive moisture from inside a room. If a drain is blocked, humidity increases inside; cooling is less effective. 

It can also cause seepage and water leakages within the walls of the building leading to structural damage to the house apart from the damage to the air conditioner. Check and clean the drains regularly. You might require AC Repair in Northridge.

  • Damaged fans: An AC unit has several accessories, internal parts, and peripherals. Fans spoil due to faulty motors, broken fan belts, and less lubrication that affects an AC. Repair these through AC Repair in Ventura.

  • Faulty Thermostats: Dial-type manual thermostats may have incorrect calibration causing the ac to malfunction. These need to be upgraded to the latest models for better temperature control.

  • Lubricants & Refrigerants: Refrigerants help to throw out hot air and moisture from inside. It is costly to detect holes for leakages to maintain the refrigerant levels. Contact for AC Service in Ventura and do the task. Refrigerants inside the evaporator coils absorb the heat for expulsion. Low levels can freeze them and damage the AC.


Tri-cities Best takes care of any issue that can damage your AC. Get in touch today to keep your machine running longer and more efficiently.