How Often Should You Service Your Air Conditioner?

Amidst the scorching heat and humid weather, the air conditioning service in Northridge has increased. Air conditioners (AC) containing advanced features can save up electricity and possess faster cooling rates. Stay cool all summer by having the air conditioner serviced timely by contacting local experts in air conditioning repair in Northridge.

Significance Of Servicing The Air Conditioner

Regular air conditioner servicing facilities appropriate functioning of the system. It prevents any serious issues. The servicing also preserves efficiency. The timely servicing of the air conditioner makes the fix cost-effective.

Besides the costs of AC installation in Northridge, the average tune-up cost varies between $74 and $195. This depends on the issues, location, and unit. However, the annual inspection of air conditioners is less expensive.

Irregularly maintained air conditioners lose efficiency each year. This stimulates increased energy consumption, higher cost of electricity bills, and decreased system lifespan.
So, the next question arises, “Is it necessary to get the AC serviced every year?”

Frequency Of Air Conditioner Service

The professionals of air conditioning service in Northridge recommend at least an annual servicing. The experts will check the unit for any serious problems, wash the filters and ducts, and ensure the efficient working of the system.

Soon after the AC installation, the air conditioner servicing must be scheduled simultaneously every year. For optimal performance, air conditioning repair in Ventura experts focus on the furnace of the customers’ house. This prepares the system to handle changing heating demands once the temperatures decrease or cool.

What Annual Air Conditioner Servicing Include?

The technician performs a set of tasks to ensure the efficient working of the system. The service tasks incorporate:
  • Replace the air filters
  • Washing and examining the outdoor and indoor coils
  • Checking the working of thermostats
  • Checking the condensate pump
  • Inspecting the motor, blower, drain line, coil fins, and refrigerant levels
  • Inspecting temperatures and the operating pressures
Besides annual servicing, certain things can help in the effective functioning of the system, which are:
  • Washing the air filters every two weeks or once a month
  • Asking the AC servicing expert which filters to use
  • Removing snow from the top of the unit to preened damage to the system as winter progresses

Whether An HVAC Plan Is Needed Or Not?

An annual HVAC service plan is suitable for every customer to save money and warrant the AC repair. The service plan includes:

  • Filter renewal
  • Airway washing
  • Regular inspection
  • Refrigerant and lubricant inspection
  • Air quality inspection
  • Thermostat servicing

Need To Avoid Winter And Summer Tune-Ups

Scheduling AC servicing in the winter months can damage the unit due to cold weather. The oil within the unit condensed when subjected to frosty outside temperatures. This triggers oil circulation deficiency causing system malfunction.

Conversely, summer is a busy time for air conditioner repair. Thus, hiring a local air conditioner expert before summer can generate adequate time for the servicing.


Air conditioner services must be initiated at least once a year. If the system is cleaned and well-maintained, the cost of monthly electricity bills is reduced. This also helps in the optimal functioning of the unit.

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