Reasons The AC Compressor Might Fail

Looking for AC repairs in Northridge? As a homeowner, we understand that it gets challenging to find the root cause to your air conditioner issues. We understand the last thing you want to focus on during summer is spending extra money on getting an air conditioner service in Northridge, CA. A leading cause of your AC’s problem could be a failed AC compressor.

Here Are The Five Reasons Why Your AC Compressor Might Have Failed:

The compressor can last as long as your air conditioner does. So, if your air conditioner is well-maintained and regularly serviced, there is no harm. The compressors can last up to 15 years if handled with care. But, there are some reasons it can still fail to process despite good servicing. 

  • Refrigerant leaks: One of the common signs you will notice is your AC losing its capacity to cool efficiently due to the leaks. It disrupts your air conditioner system, resulting in compressor failure. When the compressor overheats, it loses its lifespan and causes hissing noises.

  • Overfilled refrigerant : The refrigerant should always be accurate, and if a local technician fails to measure and add too much, it may enter the compressor. It will quickly decrease the lifespan of your compressor. If it is the case, you must pick up your phone and contact a valuable company providing AC repairs in Northridge.

  • No sufficient lubrication: When the lubrication is inadequate, it can lead to frequent wear and tear of your system. It harms the quality of your compressor as it may require more effort and power to work harder. Due to the low level of oiling, the compressors can rub due to friction. It may overstress the compressor, causing it to break down early. 

  • Damaged suction line: The suction lines can often break down and develop holes, which may block the way for the refrigerant lines as the compressor is overstressed, consuming more power to pump the refrigerant lines through the unit. During this process, the compressor may likely break down and get damaged.

  • Circuit breaker trips: If you find your circuit breaker tripping quite often to prevent electricity overload, it may be because of a failed compressor. As the compressor requires more power to run due to overheating, you may face a power surge. It is not a good sign because it will eventually cost you more electricity bills. 

Preventing The Compressor From Failing

You can prevent these causes from damaging your AC unit by:

  • Observing the wirings.
  • Install a power surge protector to prevent breakdowns.
  • Clean the outer parts of the AC unit regularly.
  • Ensure the suction lines are clean. 
  • Lubricate the parts of your system.
  • Gently clean out the dirt from the coils.

If you find yourself in a challenging situation while performing these preventive methods, you can call and request a professional for AC Service in Ventura. 


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