Should You Repair An Old Air Conditioning System On Or Get A New One?

Your existing air conditioner will serve your home well until it no longer functions due to high usage. When this occurs, it is likely you will contact air conditioning repair in Northridge in hopes of a speedy repair of an air conditioner component. It may come as a surprise when your HVAC specialist informs you that the air conditioner requires extensive repair.

When this situation arises, you must decide whether to repair or replace your current air conditioning system. How do you determine which decision is best for you and your home?

Factors To Consider While Deciding To Repair Or Replace An Air Conditioner.

From the following factors, one can decide whether to repair or replace an air conditioner:

  • Repair Budget: Is the required repair minor, such as unclogging a drain line or replacing a faulty capacitor? Then the expense of the repair alone is probably not high enough for you to consider a replacement. However, if the age of your air conditioner is more than ten years and the expected cost of repairs is close to 50 per cent of its worth, it becomes more prudent to replace it. 

Have you ever had to call for emergency air conditioning service in Northridge every few months, or has your unit been operating without issue? In the latter scenario, it would be more cost-effective to invest in a new system than to continue throwing money at an outdated, unstable system.

  • AC Unit Recommendations: Always consult a reputable HVAC contractor to evaluate whether your air conditioning equipment can be fixed or needs to be replaced. Depending on the situation, the expert may be able to repair it and prevent you from installing a new unit. However, if the issue is irreparable, if the repair expense is excessive, or if the unit is too old or inefficient, replacement may be your only alternative.

Your trustworthy HVAC professional has years of experience working with air conditioning units and can provide recommendations based on unit size, efficiency, and operation. Technicians who specialise in HVAC can also undertake home energy evaluations to find energy leaks and establish the effectiveness of your cooling system.

  • Evaporator And Indoor Coil: The evaporator and indoor coil rest atop a furnace or within an air handler. It absorbs the house’s heat and transfers it to the compressor. Today, most evaporator coils are copper, aluminium, and steel. They will generally begin to leak refrigerant between the ages of 15 and 20 but may begin to do so as early as 12 years.
  • AC Unit Maintenance: Frequent repairs or ac installation services in Northridge could indicate that it is time to replace your AC. If your air conditioning machine is continually breaking down, never thoroughly cooling the home, and always functioning loudly, you should consider replacing it.  


It is important to keep several factors in mind and consider them well before you decide to replace your air conditioner. Tri-Cities can help you with air conditioning repair in Northridge and restore its functionality to work as well as possible. Contact us now to book services with us.