Troubleshooting 10 Most Common AC Problems

You don’t have to be an AC expert to understand the signs of a malfunctioning AC. You just need to understand a few common issues with the AC unit. 

This will help in preventing sudden breakdowns of the system. If you don’t want to be stuck in your room during hot, humid days in Northridge, look for the following ten common AC issues.

Turning On Issues

After a hectic day at work, returning home and finding your AC is not switching on can be very frustrating. Adjusting the thermostat may also not help engage the system.

  • Cause: This issue may be due to loose wiring, a faulty thermostat, or tripping of the circuit breaker.
  • Solution: Get in touch with the experts in air conditioning installation in Northridge, CA. They possess high-quality equipment which helps diagnose the AC unit’s electrical issues.

Constant Running of The System

Hot weather demands constant running of the AC unit. If not turned off periodically, it can damage important system parts.

  • Cause: Issues with compressor, thermostat, and electrical parts of air filters.
  • Solution: Try switching off the unit. If not, contact the nearest authorised HVAC contractor for help!

Inefficient Flow of Cold Air

Although the AC is on, you may find no cool air flowing from the unit.

  • Cause: Tripped circuit breaker or low refrigerant levels can be potential causes for this issue.
  • Solution: Routine tune-up of the system can prevent damage to the unit. Contact the experts of air conditioning repair in Northridge to guide you further!

Blowing Hot Air

If you feel hot inside your home although your AC is on, it may suggest problems with your AC unit.

  • Cause: It can be due to a dirty air filter, debris or dust in the ducts, and low refrigerant levels causing hot air to emerge from the unit.
  • Solution: Air filters need to be replaced every month to prevent additional damage to the system.

Water Or Refrigerant Leakage

Although you cannot detect refrigerant leakage, coloured stains near the unit are potential signs of issues.

  • Cause: Blocked drainage pipe, faulty condensate pump, and damaged connection to the unit are common causes of refrigerant leakage.
  • Solution: First, turn off the unit as lower refrigerant levels will likely damage the compressor. Routine maintenance is also recommended.

Repeated Turning On and Off

Short cycling means the unit is repeatedly turning on and off. It can damage the compressor.

  • Cause: It can be due to clogged air filters or thermostat problems.
  • Solution: Ask an experienced and authorised HVAC contractor to estimate the cooling needs of your house.

Freezing of the System

If you notice ice around the copper line set or the AC coil, the AC is working too hard to keep your room cool.

  • Cause: Dirt and debris in the condenser or air filters make it hard for the AC to cool the room.
  • Solution: Contact an HVAC expert to examine the unit, such as the condenser, duct, and blower fan.

Repeated Tripping of AC Circuit Breaker

Tripping a fuse every time you turn on the AC can be frustrating.

  • Cause: Ineffective system installation can be a potential cause for this issue.
  • Solution: You need to check the wiring system that connects your AC. You cannot do this alone, so contact the nearest HVAC experts.  

Unpleasant Smell from the System

Even after switching off the system, burning or rotten smells from the AC can highlight potential damage to the AC.

  • Cause: Improper drainage, clogged filters, or wiring issues are significant causes.
  • Solution: First, turn off the AC. Then, check the filters. Replace them if they are dirty. Schedule an appointment with an HVAC contractor near you for routine maintenance.

Weird Noise

Squealing and grinding noises or strange vibrations in the unit need urgent attention.

  • Cause: Issues with motor bearings or inefficiently aligned belts are potential causes for this issue.
  • Solution: Identification of underlying issues is essential. Regular maintenance is also advisable.


Troubleshooting the crucial problems can help effectively work the AC unit. We have been serving the community for more than 38 years. Consult our expert team at Tri-Cities Best for adequate guidance with your AC unit.