Why is Your Air Conditioner Not Blowing?

It’s important to keep your central air conditioner running smoothly throughout the sweltering summer. Keep in mind that even the best air conditioners endure their share of problems over time. You want to avoid any issues that could cause your air conditioner to break down as much as possible.

Although most air conditioners can be repaired, it’s not worth skipping out on routine maintenance. To do this, you must first understand why your air conditioner is failing to cool your house. Sometimes, you can solve the problem yourself, but other times you’ll need the help of AC replacement in Northridge.

Top 5 Signs Of Why Is Your AC Not Blowing

When your air conditioner stops blowing cold air, it’s one of the most prevalent problems. To find a solution, look for the following signs:

Dirty Filters

A clogged air filter can create a wide range of issues, including reduced airflow. The more work your air conditioner needs to do because of clogged filters means greater energy costs and uneven cooling of your home. A future problem can be avoided by cleaning or changing your air filter regularly.

Improper Thermostat

Your air conditioner won’t work if the thermostat is incorrectly set. Keep an eye on the temperature and ensure it isn’t too high. There could be an internal wiring fault that is causing the failure if you don’t feel any cool air. If this is the case, get advice from an expert on your next course of action.

Unclean Condenser

The condenser unit is subject to dust and rain when placed outside. To avoid overheating, ensure that the condenser and its surroundings are debris-free. An AC installation in Ventura specialist should handle cleaning a condenser unit.

Power Issues

Your thermostat’s timers and/or clock may need to reset if there has been a power outage in your area. Ensure the power is on, the circuit breakers are not tripped, and the unit is functioning properly. Double-check the wiring and breaker settings on your air conditioner.


Your home and office will be deprived of fresh air if your ductwork leaks through cracks. It’s fairly uncommon for rats to squeeze their way into ducts from the outside, leaving a trail of holes in their wake. Birds, insects, and other small creatures can also cause ducts to become clogged.

A Regular Tune-Up Can Help

There are many ways to avoid these issues. However, regular maintenance and tune-ups can prevent these issues from becoming more serious. A faulty air conditioner can be avoided if an AC installation in Northridge inspects your system regularly. Any potential issues can be discovered during a comprehensive checkup.

Contact a professional!

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